Fledgling bloggers for Sunshine Coast

Two State Neighbourhood Watch training gurus recently attended the Sunshine Coast for social media training and were treated to a very warm reception.



Melissa Price and Sergeant Elena Di Fabio had a full room of participants representing groups with interesting names such as Montville/Flaxton, Coes Creek, Bli Bli and Diamond Head.


It was a very in-depth introduction to bloggin


A full room of eager participants



After covering the dry topics relevant to NHWQ policy and guidelines, the fun hands-on topics were introduced. Participants had a list of expectations which were written on the whiteboard and feedback since the training indicates that not only these expectations were met but much more were attained.

NHWQ State Officer Melissa Price was a great facilitator

The Expectations List


“I’m ECSTATIC!” reported one participant, “I can now blog.”

We look forward to many new stories from our Sunshine Coast NHWQ areas and welcome our new fledgling bloggers to our social media forum.

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2017 NHWQ Conference

2017 NHWQ Conference

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